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Technology and Culture

Technology and Culture, founded in 1959, is the flagship journal for the history of technology. International and interdisciplinary, T&C is published quarterly, offering research articles, essays, and reviews of books, film, museum exhibits and digital projects. [more]

A subscription to T&C includes both the print journal and access to the on-line version on the Project Muse database.

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Historical Perspectives on Technology, Culture, and Society

Produced by the Society for the History of Technology in cooperation with the American Historical Association, this series of booklets draws on the analytical insights of scholars who address technology in a social and cultural context. [more]

Technology's Stories: Past and Present.

SHOT's latest initiative is this open-acess digital magazine featuring essays, blogs, book announcements from SHOT members and more.

In this issue:
"Why Ask What If?: Historians of Technology Look at Counterfactuals" This forum explores the benefits and limitations of counterfactual scenarios for the history of technology. Why are explicit counterfactuals rare in our field? How do counterfactuals reshape narratives and analysis, how do they shed new light on structure and contingency? Three scholars offer short essays here exploring such questions.Go

SHOT Newsletter

The Society's annual newsletter contains information on issues related to SHOT business and governance, the annual meeting, and other information about the field. For timely announcements of jobs, conferences, fellowships and more, visit the news page on the SHOT website. [more]
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