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Technology and Culture

Technology and Culture is the official publication of the Society for the History of Technology, and the flagship journal in the field. International and interdisciplinary, T&C is published quarterly, offering research articles, essays, and reviews of books, film, museum exhibits and digital projects. Our authors represent a wide variety of disciplines including history, STS, anthropology, geography and others. We are published by the Johns Hopkins University Press, with full-text electronic access on Project Muse.

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Technology and Culture is available by subscription as one of your benefits of membership in SHOT. SHOT members receive both a print subscription and access to our full-text electronic edition on Project Muse. For access to the electronic edition, log in to the SHOT website and follow the instructions on the main members page. If you have further questions or problems please contact Johns Hopkins University Press.

Interested in publishing in T&C? You can submit manuscripts electronically here, or you can email them to T&C here.

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Our editorial offices are hosted at the University of Oklahoma Department of the History of Science. You can contact us at

Editor-in-Chief: Suzanne Moon (University of Oklahoma)
Managing Editor: Peter Soppelsa (University of Oklahoma)
Associate Editor: Barbara Hahn (Texas Tech University)
Book Review Editor: Hunter Heyck (University of Oklahoma)
Film Review Editor: Hanna Rose Shell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Museum Exhibits Editor, US: Carolyn Goldstein (University of Massachusetts Boston)
Museum Exhibits Editor, Europe: Thomas Brandt (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

See T&C's complete editorial board on our masthead.

For more information about the journal including institutional subscriptions and advertising, please visit the Johns Hopkins University Press Technology and Culture information page. For electronic access to articles published before 1998, please visit the JSTOR database or contact the University of Chicago Press.


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