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Volunteer Opportunities 

Thank you for indicating your interest in helping SHOT.  There are numerous opportunities for individuals to serve the Society, some requiring more time than others.  And over time we have learned that some committees are a great way for beginning scholars to start out;  others require a little more familiarity with the organization and its efforts.   For elected positions -- the Editorial and Nominating Committees and the Executive Council --  the Nominating Committee is charged with identifying a slate of candidates.  The committee will always accept nominations for possible candidates.  Sonja Schmid at Virginia Tech ( will be the committee chair for 2015 and suggestions can be brought to her attention.


An important area where volunteers play vital roles are on the SHOT prize committees. The president is tasked with filling these posts -- and SHOT tradition is that the secretary and vice-president help identify committee members.  We are eager for volunteers for these positions. Almost all are assigned for three years, and the expectation is that members will serve as chair during the second year of their term.  Opportunities include:

Edelstein Prize - best book in the field Usher Prize -- best article in T&C

Dibner Award - museum exhibit

Bernard Finn prize -- article in electrical history

Robinson Prize - first time presenter with emphasis upon presentation skills

Ferguson prize - best reference book (every other year)

Hacker prize -- best publication for wider audience

Levinson prize - best first publication

Kranzberg dissertation fellowship

Hindle post-doctoral fellowship

NASA Fellowship - aerospace history

Other working committees (their responsibilities should be self-evident)  area also filled with volunteers:

Finance Committee

Internationalization Committee

Travel Grant Committee

Sites Committees

Program Committee

In addition, the Society has identified a number of areas and activities which it considers important and which need to be strengthened.  Efforts may take the form of membership on an ad hoc committee, or helping address some part of a larger task.  We aim to identify coordinators willing to oversee the efforts of a team of volunteers in carrying out various specific tasks.  Eventually we hope to provide some compensation for those coordinator and facilitators, but the resources are not yet assured for this purpose.   The primary areas of emphasis for 2015 are:
  • Development of Social Media activities, primarily for the annual meeting but also looking at implementing other elements as suggested by a committee last year.
  • Exploration concerning the renewal of SHOT development of a bibliography in the history of technology, and potential implementation of that initiative. A very preliminary approach would be to identify a SHOT member whose university also has a library program that could provide technical guidance and even possible support for bibliographic activities if such efforts move forward.
  • Identification of a facilitator for Technology's  Stories.  This is the recently-added publication program in the editor's office aiming to develop outreach pieces for wider audiences.  This person will work withthe editor on this effort.
  • Development of a plan for fund raising, aimed specifically at strengthening SHOT's endowment in support of the editor and secretary and perhaps other activities as well.  We anticipate creating a committee to first explore and then implement fund raising activities.

All of these roles matter -- they are the basis for the Society's activities.
We hope you will find some place where your talents and SHOT's needs will intersect.  Thanks for letting us know how you are interested in helping SHOT!

Bruce Seely, President, 2013-14


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