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Resources for Students, Researchers & Teachers

Research, Study, Teach Follow the links below to access a wide variety of materials. Those new to the field will find information about programs of study and classic works in the History of Technology, as well as links to some thoughts from leading scholars in the field. For researchers, there is a bibliography of sources in the field, links to scholarly journals, pointers to historic sites and archival collections, and links to other Web sites dealing with subjects in the field. Teachers can access links both to syllabi for history of technology courses and to teaching materials for integrating issues around technology into other history courses. Please note that the collection of resources will be changing and expanding over time. Those who visit the site are strongly encouraged to email their suggestions about possible additions to the SHOT secretary. Your help is very much appreciated.


Why the History of Technology Matters

"Historians of technology... are storytellers. More than any other practitioners among the humanities and social sciences, historians practice the art of narrative, and in doing so we face many of the same challenges as the fiction writer.... Historians must immerse themselves in the manners and customs of a time and place, in hopes they might glimpse something of the larger mystery of human affairs. We seek to connect the local to the universal, to speak to the largest of concerns through the most accurate rendering of reality.... Each of us who aspires to narrate the past must make a commitment to our own mode of vision... a point of view--not a preconceived opinion, necessarily, but a commitment to a way of seeing and a willingness to trust that the perspective we bring will reveal some insight into the human condition." [more]
-Steven W. Usselman

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